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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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more than a dose even kids raced to the hospital what happened on their school field trip that got them so sick. >> get ready information heat is coming our way. we're looking live in olde city. you can't tell how it feels outside but we're heading in the 90's this weekend. sue has more on the heat wave. >> well, we have got allergies, we've got heat and at least we don't have mosquitoes, not just yet. >> they are coming. >> that is true. >> it is starting to feel like summer already. so quickly. >> it is friday, may 27th, 2016. do i need to wish happy birthday to my dear friend marshall harris good hi marshall harris. >> we are about to hit the road. we are heading. >> marshall harris just called. >> or not. >> we're heading to ocean city, good day will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at ocean city music pier. i think mike and alex will pull out here in a he can is. >> they are always running last minute, both of them. >> that is just not your business. >> oh, it isn't.
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>> so they will race their just in time to be live at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. bob kelly is always early, likes to say hi, shake hand. he will be out there he bet he is their life already. >> in the meantime you can win a car. go to our web site fox and win this mazda cx9 if you entered the contest. do it once a day. we will pick a finalist once a week and we will have a a final show with the big give a way. >> leading in the final show these are locations we will be at on friday leading up to friday, july between the second, and that show will be live from the dell music center in fairmount park. it is fun, and, again, you can win that brand new mazda cx9. >> so you said mike and alex are always late. bob kelly is always early. guess who is right on time. >> sue serio. >> always with the number of the day. new yesterday was a ten and now we will get more sticky. we will go with a nine. still pretty good especially heading in to what we think of as unhaving start of summer.
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which i still don't understand because so many kid are still in school. but, go ahead. anyway, memorial day weekend. 70 degrees. 76 percent relative humidity. sunrise time 5:37. as we look at some of the other temperatures sluggish today. humidity is already getting in system. press button and it takes its time. 69 degrees in allentown. seventy-two in reading. sixty-eight in wilmington. seventy-one in dover. atlantic city had 67 degrees. i'm in the sure is what happening in wildwood but they have a temperature peace we just don't see it. temperatures are 15 degrees milder then they were yesterday at this time. no jacket required. we have rain that is moving out of our area. it was north and west of us in the lehigh valley and pocono mountains heading toward northern new jersey and upstate new york. so we don't expect anymore this morning but we could get some of those pesky pop ups later on in the day.
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and don't forget about air quality alert still in effect for today with this heat and month humidity. pop up storms, possible, you may or may not get one later on this afternoon after we hit, yep, 90 degrees. once we hit 90 that is two days in a row we need three days to get that official heat wave. sunset time 8:20, enjoy the sunshine just take it easy because our bodies are not used to this extreme heat this early in the season. now lets check traffic, until bob kelly gets here. we will handle what is going on and it looks like suddenly a lot is going on this morning. we will start off with a look at an accident that happened on the schuylkill expressway westbound. this is approaching montgomery drive. right lane is block there. not causing too many problems, not too much traffic at this hour. also an accident 422 westbound at ever green road, police and fire crews are on the scene because we are hearing that there is an injury involved. then we will go to a truck
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fire on the turnpike pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound, before delaware valley exit, one lane is blocked there, and police and fire crews are also on the scene so we are getting more information about all have of that but suddenly we are seeing a few incident out there this morning, be careful, folks, lauren and chris. >> thanks very much. 5:04. police looking for driver of the deadly hit and run overnight. this happened around 10:00 o'clock at 2100 block of front street in the kensington section. a man had just dropped off a church group and was getting back in his van when he was hit. driver of the car took off. paramedics took the man to temple hospital where he later died. investigators looking at surveillance cameras to try to track down that driver. temple university alerted, after a person was shot during a robbery right here near the school campus. police say this happened on the 1300 block of west more land street around 12:30, 21 bucks and a cell phone were taken from the victim. that victim is expect to be okay. delaware county dispatch
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confirms a barricade in springfield now over. the suspect is in custody after nearly four hours standoff on hill view drive. it started around 6:30 last night. the suspect was taken to the hospital for observation and after police arrested him. in one else was injured. u.s. health officials are reporting first case have of antibiotic resistant infection in the you had. patient a 49 year-old woman in pennsylvania had a rare kind of e-coli infection that was resistant to antibiotics commonly used first for such infections. she was successfully treated with another kind of antibiotic but further testing revealed e-coli carried a gene that doctors use as a last resort when others fail. health officials warn thinks the first case but should expect to see more such super bugs in the near future. well, this unseasonal heat makes it tough for some people to stay cool and hydrated. >> it was too much for sixth graders. they were on a field trip and then taken to the hospital. lets go to dave kinchen live
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in lower makefield bucks count which more on this, these poor kid. >> just terrible. they take a trip to the baseball game and then the heat overtakes them. so they take a trip to the hospital, just terrible here, about a dozen, more than a dozen students here in the lower makefield had to be hospitalized, after the heat was just too much for them. it was around 1:00 p.m. yesterday, sky fox was over the william penn middle school as several medics arrived, so those e ms units looking have after sixth graders coming back from the year end field trip to the trenton thunder baseball game where they were showing signs of heat-related sickness. nurses treated the students initially but they had to be taken to the hospital for more in depth look and more in depth treatment. we spoke with one student was on that trip, did not get sick but says that the students felt ill despite teachers telling them to stay hydrated. >> we did hear a lot of teachers saying drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. >> when we got back to school the nurse pretty much wanted
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everybody to drink a lot of water and we got all cups and she told to us dripping at least three cups of water. >> reporter: pennsbury school district officials posted on the web site reminder for parents to make sure that their children are adequate the looked hydrated when it gets hot and those temperatures are really spiking and we have talk to the doctor who also shared some tips for adults too. for everyone the doctors say make an overall plan to stay cool, carry water bottles. they say even if you at a desk job keep one at your desk. the lastly be cautious have using blankets to shield ones self from the sun. it is something that people do when they don't think about the fact that is not adequate protection. officials say, so just a lot of water. but of course that means going to the rest room a lot too. >> yes, you can't really win. >> dave kinchen, thanks so much. a new message in new jersey, keep your butts off the beach. >> what? >> the state senate, state assembly voted overwhelmingly to pass a bill to snuff out
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smoking on public beaches a and parks. this includes e cigarettes. governor christie still has to sign that bill into law. the goal of the legislation is to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke and keep those beaches clean. would it allow each town to set aside areas of personal use. >> that would make life easier for people with children. i do understand the the freedom it gives to people that don't have children but be in really want a dirty environment. >> i don't think other people should be suffering with second hand smoke. >> i don't think that is fair, everybody has got their rights. >> violators of the smoking ban could be find a minimum of $250 for just the first offense, and lets stay in new jersey where package of bills that would keep cash trapped atlantic city a float now heading to the governor's desk. new jersey lawmakers passed the bill yesterday, giving the city government five months to get a plan together to balance its budget and would get rid of the state take over threat for now. no word on when governor christie might take action. senator bob casey of pennsylvania takes the stan in
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the congressman chaka fattah's corruption trial. >> testifying for prosecutors senator casey say representative fattah wrote to him in 2008 hoping to secure an ambassador position for a lobbyist who wanted to work in the obama administration. the bid was for herbert vetterman a former deputy mayor and one time donor todays i. case difficult not promote that bid. federal prosecutors air cueing fattah of taking bribes from vetterman f take is a accused of misusing federal grants and non-profit funds. lawyers for attorney general kathleen kane has filed a motion and refiled it, to throw out her criminal charges this comes after an earlier motion was thrown out on a technicality. kane's lawyers made the filing yesterday in montgomery county court. kane is charged as you no he with perjury, obstruction and other counts for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information, and then lying about it, under oath. her trial is scheduled to begin in the august. all right. still ahead keeping an watchful eye on law enforcement officials. we are telling you who is stepping into make sure chester delaware county police
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department operates properly. and tragedy in south jersey, how people came together to remember a popular teenager killed by a drunk driver.
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all right. we've got a look at your weather for ocean city, new jersey this morning, which looks ideal. mid 60's to start, the sunnies pretty much already up there and it is getting close to official sunrise time for all of us, warming up, and sunny and warm through 8:00 o'clock
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and then just a few clouds here and there. 70 degrees by 10:00 o'clock. so if you are in the vicinity and got an relevant i start on your holiday weekend and already down the shore make sure you stop by ocean city music pier and check out what is going on there as we talk about the down the shore, and if you are staying past the holiday weekend we have got temperatures that will be in the 70's, you have to factor in the sea breeze there and a nice breeze on saturday, nice gannon sunday, this is why we all flocked to the shore, and with 90 degrees in the city. ocean water temperature is mighty chill in the range of 57 to 60 degrees. monday we have a slight chance of rain we could hit 80 degrees down the shore by tuesday. right new we have 70 degrees in philadelphia, 72 is warmer then philadelphia in reading. 69 degrees in allentown. sixty-eight in wilmington. 71 degrees in dover delaware. looking at the future feels like temperatures, the heat index, if you will, it will feel like 91 degrees even if we don't hit 90 officially today and we will have a heat
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index in the 90's again tomorrow for good part of the region especially the suburbs north and west of us because we expect more cloud cover, to the south, and then, we will have a heat index by sun take in the mid 80's, but we are, pretty good chance of having our first heat wave of the season and then today is the day we will feel that humidity. if you were out for a while yesterday it was hot and humid but with these wind coming from the south and southwest that continues today, and one area of showers we have been watching all morning heading toward, northern new jersey. nothing for news our viewing area to worry about around clinton, and in north jersey is where we have the rape -- rain this morning. we have gonna above average. we reached 90 yesterday. if we get 90 today and 90 tomorrow that is a heat wave three days in a row 90 or above and we could possibly extend that into sunday. now you monday, we have been saying this all along our wild
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card weather day we have a good chance of some showers and thunderstorms rolling in on monday, which will cool us off to the upper 70's and we are back in the 80's through middle of next week so that is your seven day forecast from the weather authority, checking traffic now on your friday morning, already some issues, this morning, including this accident on the schuylkill expressway, westbound, a approaching montgomery drive, and you can see police are on the scene there and they do have one lane, the right lane, is blocked off there, and the car has been moved off to the side but there is still an investigation. another accident on 422 westbound, this is at evergreen road area, police and fire crews on the scene and they have report of one injury there. pennsylvania turnpike eastbound at the delaware valley exit, there is a truck fire that was fully, a truck was fully engulfed in flames there all lanes block, traffic diverted off the turnpike at the delaware valley exits, so we will let you know what when that opens backup again.
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philadelphia police and surveillance video that they say shows a car that struck and critically injured a septa transit police officer. >> police say darker colored saturn in this picture is one that later hit 13 year septa police veteran gary miller while jogging. this happened near rowland in mayfair. he is right new in the hospital with broken leg, broken collar bone and a concussion. police say the driver, suspected to be a man in his 20's to 30 years old took off east on oakmont street. a fill police officer remains in the hospital after being involved in a crash near germantown and price street. a car plowed in his cruz are. he is new in stable condition. three men were taken to paoli hospital after a shooting in coatsville this happened around 6:00 on olive street. a all three of of those men are expect to survive. in word yet if a suspect cast taken in custody. hundreds gathered to remember a stand out local teenager hit by a car and
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kill. the driver who hit him allegedly drunk. >> fox 29's bruce gordon was at the vigil where the community was clearly impacted by this young man. >> reporter: they came from all over town to say good bye to a young man with a plan, to mourn the death and celebrate the life of the 17 year-old antoine timbers junior. he lived, his grieving father and fallen mother as a community. >> taking it one step at a time. don't let somebody tell you you take it too long, if it was your time or your baby you take as long as you want. >> reporter: timber was struck and killed by a drunk driver just after midnight sunday walk ago long route 130 near federal street. >> there is no way that you could have stopped, that night. >> reporter: local pastor prayed over antoine's friend, was with timbers when he was with him when he was fatally struck. >> he is watching, and i pray
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for his familiarly. >> reporter: balloons were released in his honor, he was a member of the rotc at burlington city high and hoped some day to join the military. one speaker said he is now in god's army. mom remained silent throughout the service, dad some of the courage to recall a conversation he had had with his son two nights after his death. >> i'm good dad, great where i'm at. it is blissful, inn describable. i'm at peace. did you suffer at all? no dad, i never seen it coming. don't worry, did not suffer at all. i have been watching overall of us. please tell mom, and grand mom, i'm okay. see in heaven the lord's son but i pray with you all. you made me and rest of the family proud while you was
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here... unaudible. >> i love you driver of the vehicle that struck timbers ricardo paterson the third of willingboro has been issued a summons for dui and reckless driving, pending further investigation, criminal charges may also be in the offing n burlington sit, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. 5:19. the you had department obvious advertise is now taking a very close look at the way that the chester delaware county police department, operates. after a review of the d o.j. will offer suggestions for improvement. officials made that announcement in chester. d o.j. says this comes after a request from the city of chester itself and its police department. the goal, to make sure that the department is functioning to the best of it's a ability. >> our focus is on making sure that the officer has necessary tools and equipment and training that they need to better service, the residents of the city of chester. >> once completed d o.j. will layout recommendations for
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improvement. department released same type of report for the philadelphia police department last year, and its request. delaware judge condemns threats and violence as union workers continue to strike against verizon. some 40,000 workers in several east coast states in delaware and new jersey have been picketing for 45 days now. a judge yesterday declined verizon's request to hold two union members in contempt after cars were vandalized on interest stat 95. judge did impose new restrictions ordering strike tours stay at least 30 yards away from any vehicle driven by a non-union worker on the highway. 5:20. still ahead one company develops a new way to get a handle on the zika virus, why some people say they are against this idea, however. and cheers to summer with the sweet treat where you can cool off in the sum are heat, perhaps here. and you'll be off fired up if you have this, winning lottery numbers.
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a company wants to release genetically modified mosquitoes to combat the zika virus. they call the off spring disaster for adulthood, company would only release male mosquitoes which do not bite to prevent the spread of disease, some are concerned about the unpredictable
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effects of releasing mosquitoes in the wild. f.d.a. is currently studying that idea. if you are a fan of the slurpee you are in for a real treat. 7-eleven is offering some pretty big deals today. through the holiday weekend. for every slurpee you buy you can get one free. >> bogo. >> what? >> bogo, buy one get one. >> is that what it is. >> buy one, if the one free. >> when did that become bogo. >> he skipped over it prompter. >> bogo. >> have you ever used it. >> buy one, get one. >> let me tell you something, i got one and i got another one, that is called kids, so i'm out of the loop on some of this stuff. bogo. >> you can get one, it doesn't matter, size or flavor. >> bogo offer. >> it is nationwide. >> yes. >> let me ask you a question. >> go on. >> are you that busy, you do not even have time to say,
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time me on this, buy one get one flee, you knew need to turn that on bogo. >> but advertisers they don't have space for that so when they advertise they go bogo and most people go it is buy one get one. >> it is a twitter thing restricted to 140 characters. >> no. >> buy one, no, buy, space, one. bogo is much easier to put in a tweet. >> let's let that rest, bogo. >> i will not let this go, it is stupid. >> holiday weekend means it is a great deal on summertime favorite, the hodo or hot dog. >> what. >> i just made up my own, so there. >> look at sue, she's cracking up. >> you love that don't you. >> i will have a h odo with relish. >> who are you?
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>> i'm done. nathan's hodo location as cross the region are offering buy one get one for 5 cents. the company 100 anniversary. we will be right back. how is that.
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all right. starting 59:30 serious stuff. overnight hit and run and man is dead. vehicle police are asking you to look out for this morning searching for the suspect. more than a dozen kid raced to the hospital what happened on a school field trip that got so many of them sick. good day it is friday, good day, everybody. >> no, say it like bob kelly. >> no, bob kelly has to be bob kelly. >> good day, everybody. >> i don't think he sound like that. >> friday may between the haven't is, 2016. >> three day weekend, are you here manor will you jet set. >> i will the not be here on monday. you will hold it down on your own. >> can you handle that. >> yes. >> i will be holding down the fort, as they say, with you, monday morning. >> buddy will be here as well.
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>> buddy will be here. he won't be waiting for the school bus because monies officially the who will day but there are schools going in. some kids have half day, whole day in anticipation of the weekend. no matter what you are doing with this outdoor recess send the sun screen in with the kid because they will be outside in that blazing sunshine, today. we are off to a nice start with a few clouds and temperatures already in the 60's and 70's. we will go with a nine out of ten today because of the humidity. it will start to feel really sticky out there we have got a break yesterday, and the day before, but today, we are starting off with 76 percent. that is not too bad. 70 degrees at sunrise time which is 5:37, looking good this morning. 62 degrees mount pocono. sixty-eight trenton. reading is already at 72. we are at 71 in dover. atlantic city international is 67 degrees. watching that one area of showers moving toward northern new jersey, not going to be troublesome to us and we don't see anything else in the
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offing except a few clouds here and there and that is only thing that prevent us from getting to 90 degrees. air quality alert is still on for most of our viewing area, this high concentrations of air pollutants. yeah. well, you have to figure this is where we live. friday planner is for decent amount of sunshine just a couple of pop up thunderstorms. we don't expect these storms to be widespread in the afternoon, but we expect everybody, if you do not make it to 90 degrees. it will feel like it the because of the humidity. 8:20 is your sunset time, that is a look at your friday forecast, as i put tonight my twitter cast, this morning. bob kelly will be along momentarily, but in the meantime we are going to check on the schuylkill expressway situation. because we did have an accident a little bit earlier. this is westbound approaching montgomery drive and that one lane, on the right there is still, blocked, with the vehicles, off to the side, most of them, and hopefully
5:32 am
that will be cleared up soon. traffic is being diverted off of the pennsylvania turnpike at the delaware valley exit, and this is the eastbound turnpike because of truck fire we have been hearing about all lanes are block eastbound on that part of the turnpike, again, near delaware valley and we will let you know when they open again. an accident 422, westbound the at evergreen road, that has police and fire crew is still on the scene with reports of injuries and we will keep you updated on that as well. hopefully maybe to that will be the worst of it this morning and having else will go smoothly lauren and chris. >> thanks very much. >> now developing in the kensington section a person run down in the road, and killed. >> of course they are searching for driver, steve keeley at the scene with the very latest, steve, good morning. >> reporter: this happened right after 10:00 o'clock here we are right at front and diamond streets and you can see, look up and see el train. front runs right under the elevated train. we will walk across the street
5:33 am
here. what happened was do you see that church, the solder of the lord ministry right on the corner of front and diamond and they have like many churches a van and they were on some kind of retreat or some visit somewhere and the 56 year-old man driving that van was dropping church members off, they get out, they are going into the church building or to their cars where ever they are going at the end of the night. he tries to get out. he is in the door which you see all smash up here. we will walk across the street while it is safe. he is getting out. a car comes by side swipes the van. you you can see the door torn off with the crime scene tape, he gets dragged 15 feet up here, the car that hit him, they don't have any description because it is dark and really extra dark under this train. i got you mike, you are good. so the driver keeps going. they think front end damage. it sounded like a flat tire as well. he just keeps cruising up the street so another hit and run. then sad parties two abe a half hours later after 57 year-old man is hit here after dropping people off, he is
5:34 am
dead at the hospital, that is how bad his injuries were. so you can see this car going by us right now, people probably go over the speed limit 5 miles an hour, is there a light every block under the el train, always busy 24 hours a train here and somebody is obviously not paying attention, getting too close to a car, and this van, in fact, you can see he is park, he didn't pull in the middle on have the street to drop people off. there is the white line for parking lane. he is right about on it. sadly he didn't get out of the way or got out at the wrong time and somebody hits him and takes off. chris and lauren. >> you have to be so careful because i don't think anyone goes the speed limit anymore. people fly through these cities. you don't look both ways. it is over just like that. >> steve keeley, thanks very much. temple university alerted community members after a person was shot during a robbery near schools campus police say it happened on the 1300 block of west more land street around 12:30. $21 and a cell phone all that was taken from the victim who is expect to be okay. delaware county dispatch
5:35 am
confirmed that the barricade in springfield is now over a suspect, suspect is in custody this lasted four hours on hill view drive and started around 6:30. that suspect was taken to the hospital for observation after police arrested him n1 else was injury. field trip turns in the trip to the hospital for more than a dozen bucks county middle school students. yesterday afternoon, heat just too much to handle. sky fox over william penn middle school in lower makefield as ambulance is a live. this is right around 1:00 o'clock. you know how hot it was yesterday in the afternoon. sixth graders returning from the trenton thunder baseball game, showing signs of becoming overcome by the heat. school nurses, aids, many on the scene, making certain that they were rehydrated and then drink plenty of fluids. >> i just heard when i got back and in the best that a lot of people passed out, because of like the heat exhaustion or maybe they were dehydrated. >> officials say about 15 children were taken to the
5:36 am
local hospital, for heat-related illnesses. next up in sports it all came down to game seven of the eastern conference finals, so will we see lightening, or the penguins, playing for the cup, and we have breaking developing, justin beiber news, is he a thief? or does he say sorry. coming up.
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the phillies were off yesterday. they play this afternoon in
5:39 am
chicago. dent expect ryan hurt to play there is a left hander pitching for the cubs. i'm not sure he will play in american one game this series and how many more season for the phillies. yesterday in baseball real good game. lets go to washington. that is bryce harper. they are playing cardinals washington is. the one to nothing st. louis, until this. bryce harper, big time home run, makes it one-one. washington goes on to win, two-one. that is his first home run since may 13th. game seven, pitberg and tampa. tied the at one. tampa tied it up. pittsburgh 30 seconds later, brian rush leaves the puck in, they will play in the stanley cup finals. nfl comes down hard, on rule breakers. baltimore ravens head coach john harbaugh had rookies practice in shoulder pad for five minutes in mini camp. you are not permitted to do. that he is find 137,000. the team $343,000. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. harbaugh, did not know the
5:40 am
nfl rule on that? he must have. >> maybe he thought five minutes. >> yeah, but is it worth risk. >> not the fine. >> do you like scripps national spelling bee, pay attention to this every year. >> it wrapped up last night, what a finish. we got to the final two, the last word for both contestants >> s-e-l-b-e-n-k-r-a-i-s. >> that is correct. >> so, he nails the final word. so then all of the pressure is on nair sirati, he has to spell his word, just to be co champions, here it is.
5:41 am
>> g-e-s-e-l-l-s-c-h-a-f-t. >> that is correct. >> boom. >> how about that. >> both kid win the 2016 scripps national spelling bee. this is third straight year there has been a tie. how good is that. >> so, they asked him how do you feel? he said i don't have much to say i'm just a kid. i'm in fifth grade. can you believe that. >> google is not familiar, maybe i spelled it wrong when i googled it. >> yes. >> no, no. >> whatever that word was. >> no. >> still ahead, a method often referred to is a educational system designed by moshay. >> moshay. >> yes. >> cool thing about the
5:42 am
internet these days, you can learn other things, right. >> these kid have have been teaching me a lot. >> that fifth grader no, we we're not smarter than a fifth grader. do you have plans this holiday weekend. you are not alone. the prices you can expect to pay at the pump as millions of people hit the road.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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all right. here's the story with justin beiber. here's the deal, listen very closely, that is what a court might be doing, listening to closely to the song because according to,. >> you can spin around. >> sorry. >> aka, she is's suing timber land because beiber took the vocal rip from her song, which she did, back in 2014, called ring the bell. so now it is all thrown in the court and the whole thing. >> oh, brother. >> you know, five people, that wrote on that song, sorry. >> justin beiber should do. >> move back to canada. >> no. >> sue, he should just say
5:46 am
sorry. >> he already did. >> all right. we have a little bit of a disturbance here, in the caribbean we're watching very closely. 80 percent the national hurricane center says, this is developing into maybe a tropical or subtropical storm which would impact us, probably not the tropical stuff but with moisture by end of the holiday weekend. today looks fabulous. sixty-four in ocean city, new jersey. making plans to see the gang down there at the music pier, all systems a go. sunny and breezy. we should be at 07 by 10:00 o'clock. wear that sun screen. for the holiday weekend itself, today, tomorrow, looks fantastic with highs in the 07's right there on the beach. we have a chilly ocean with ther temperature to take that first dip in the ocean. everybody does.
5:47 am
warmer on sunday with a high of 82. chance of showers and thunderstorms on monday. the that is your shore cast. the as we look at temperatures we're at 07 in philadelphia it is cooler to the south of us. look at how chilly, out to the west of us, and, san jose, new mexico 43 degrees. things are completely different. sixty-eight in trenton. sixty-two mount pocono. sixty-eight in wilmington delaware to start you off. we are watching showers, not troubling us any more in northern new jersey and it looks like it is dissipating as well. future cast just show mix of sun and cloud the rest of the day but we should get enough sun to get to us 90, today and tomorrow, still hot on sunday, chance of showers and then are storms which will cool us off on monday. that is your seven day forecast. bob kelly will be live momentarily live from ocean city new jersey. we will look at traffic right now as we get started with the look at traffic.
5:48 am
i will just exit and start talking about it. that is what we will do. there is that accident we were telling but on the schuylkill expressway westbound approaching montgomery drive. still have a lane blocked there. and, now traffic is starting to get jammo, in that area. again this is westbound schuylkill near montgomery drive. so watch out for that. that could slow you down. a truck fire on the pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound at the delaware valley exit, now only one left lane is block so you can get by again but you do need to use caution as they clean up from that truck on fire. i-95 at the cottman avenue all cleared at this point, but it won't be long present we start to see a lot more volume, this morning. lets turn to you decide 2016, donald trump reaches all important number of delegates to security the republican nomination. >> 1237, that is number he needed. >> that is number. >> billion air was put overtop in the associated press delegate count by the unbound party delegates said they
5:49 am
would support him at the could be convention. it takes 1237 to win the republican nomination for president. trump had 1238. the delegates have taken five state primaries june 7th including new jersey, trump will easily avoid a contested convention in july. much different scenario in the democratic race. many believe hillary clinton would have been one who lock up nomination for now but she's battling bernie sanders. new poll shows she's neck and neck with sanders in the upcoming primary in california. sanders is hard at work to win there to prove he can go head to head with trump. sanders challenged trump to a debate, before voters head to the polls on june 7th. memorial day weekend, has arrived, and it looks like well, you have one more thing to celebrate too. gas prices, typically means gas prices go up but price at the pump is the an 11 year low. people traveling by cars this weekend are lowest they have been since 2005. so the current national
5:50 am
average $2.30 a gallon, that is 34 cents less than last year. most expensive state by the way in the union for gas is, california. all right. if you plan to travel over the memorial day weekend you are not alone. triple a estimates 34 million americans will drive over the memorial day weekend, 4 million more will fly or take the train for the holiday. that is 700,000 more than last year, and the most since before the recession. this is because of those gas prices. if you are planning to fly remember to get to the airport early because of the long tsa lines, tsa is hoping to hire hundreds more screeners, but they are not in place yet, so you'll have to stand in line. all right. do you have a car? hit the road with us, ocean city get ready, good day will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at music pier. >> so mr. jammo, bob kelly is live there this morning, bob, i just saw that mike and alex put on facebook that they are heading your way.
5:51 am
>> they are heading our way. i slept down here last night. it was cold under the board walk. i have sand in my shoes. but listen has anyone seen the sun just yet. >> take a look at this sunrise. there is nothing like waking up, down the shore, with the sunrise. here's a live look from the boardwalk in ocean city, new jersey. i'm smack dab in front of the music pier here right between ninth and eighth street right on the boardwalk, if you have never been down ocean city very easy, they are changing signs, hey, it is fox 29, fox 29, you got the write letters. he is shaking his head yeah. we will give him a hard time. give you an idea, here's the stores we are visiting. you know it, johnson's popcorn you cannot come to the shore without johnson's popcorn. further down is shriver's fudge which i'm making some and bringing back some
5:52 am
samples. i was told not to come back to the tr station or to my house without samples of the fudge. lets take a look out here and say good morning to the beach, to the ocean, they were just out here a few moments ago with the big green machine kind of manicuring the beach, cleaning it the up, and big giant race to get everything all ready for everybody to come down here this morning. i don't know if the water ties cold. i didn't bring my fox 29 speedo, so i don't think i will be trying the water. chris ape lauren, are you guys coming down to the shore this summer with the kid, with the family. >> only if there is space underneath the boardwalk to spend the night with you. >> i was there last week in atlantic city. >> there is a whole different world underneath this boardwalk down here in the overnight. >> i don't want to know. >> go ahead. >> just turnaround for a second. this is what you see here in
5:53 am
the morning, the joggers are out here, good morning, how are you. >> i got the to get a pair of them bright colored sneakers there. they are out here doing their walking and their jogging but we are getting ready. mike and alex are on their way, ninth and the boardwalk music pier in ocean city new jersey our home until 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> thanks very much. >> have fun out there. still ahead north carolina man wins three different lottery games even earning a million-dollar, what he says he will do in the future that could mean another streak of luck. good for him. there is mike in the car and alex in the back seat.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
well, this north cara main claimed his prize tuesday after a lucky scratch off ticket. he previously won $150,000, twice, on different games. his first win game in august of 2014. the second came less than a month ago, in april. ralph says despite the luck he doesn't plan to give up theberg are business or playing the lottery anytime soon. you go, man. next up on good day a hit and
5:57 am
run in kensington turns deadly, vehicle police are asking to you look out this morning as they search for a suspect. field trip turns dangerous when a dozen students end up in the hospital, what happened and why doctors are warning everyone to be on high alert this holiday weekend.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we begin like so many other mornings a hit and run
6:00 am
this one a deadly hit and run, these leave a man in kensington dead. kind hearted victim was doing right before he was hit. a pennsylvania woman recovering from the dreaded super bug found for the first time in u.s. history. why health officials say this is just the beginning, of their worries. thousands of cigarette butts on the beach, we have kid playing with them playing in the sand. >> that is new message this morning keep your butts off the beach in new jersey, why officials say this new rule, goes behind a real health concern. and good day is heading to ocean city think morning, music pier where you you can part which mike and alex from 7:00 to 10:00. they are on their way. and, bob kelly is on the way already to play. may 27th, 2016. send your pictures how you are spending this memorial day weekend. you have nia home. >> she's home for a couple months, baby. >> yes. >> we should take a selfie because we are kicking off


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